Auto theft is a big problem worldwide. Most technologically advanced countries like the United States and the United Kingdom also experience increasing cases ofauto theft each year. Countries like Brazil which sees auto theft as a big problem has passed a separate law to minimize the total number of the auto thefts in the country and to help authorities locate their stolen vehicles. As per the law, all vehicles those receiving new registration are needed to have vehicle tracking systems installed in them. Prior to the law, there were only 10 percent vehicles in Brazil which were well equipped with the tracking systems.


Overall, tracking vehicles hold a great significance. For individuals owning their own car, the GPS system assists to resolve cases of the car thefts by means of tracking the ideal location of the vehicle. Additionally, the system is also widely used across different platforms. These include construction, cargo, transport, food industries. For instance, the GPS system as used in food industry can be utilized in the distribution of the food to different places. In the construction industry, the GPS system helps to assure the timely delivery of the construction materials. In the transportation industry, GPS is used for supervising speed of the driver and then tracking vehicle location and even setting up the route for them.


Apart from this, vehicle tracking systems can be best used in numerous emergency services like accident, paramedic, police, and fire. In any kind of emergency situation, this technological advancement helps to locate the vehicles which are need of any help.

9.Setting up a GPS tracking system will include the installation of an electronic tracking unit within a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles along with setting up a software programme to enable authorised users to securely track the vehicle over the mobile network. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps or via specialised software. Moreover, more functional solutions make it simple to deliver valuable information derived from the reported locations, for example the vehicle's speed, and even the time since the driver took a rest from driving, all of which are able to support an organisation's duty of care obligations towards its staff.
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GPS vehicle tracking systems have traditionally been used by fleet operators for fleet tracking and fleet management. Operators have been using these systems for a number of purpose including monitoring route scheduling and managing real-time changes in circumstances that require altering the schedule. Certain Vehicle Tracking systems can also used for rationalizing the routing plan. Thus GPS vehicle tracking can be of immense value to complex logistic businesses and can help you them a substantial amount of money by carefully planning and rationalizing the resources.

Other applications that became increasingly widespread include the use of GPS vehicle tracking systems to reduce the risk of theft, leading to reductions in insurance premiums. There is also a growing realisation within the haulage industry that not only is it important to track the HGV tractor unit, but also the trailers which of course have their own independent movement, and not always with an HGV truck from the same company. It is not surprising that the emergency services such as ambulance and fire services can achieve very significant operational efficiencies through knowing the precise location of their vehicles. In fact any business that relies on vehicles of any sort to deliver their service are likely to be able to improve their operational efficiency through having the vehicles' whereabouts at their finger tips.

To conclude, in today's environment, whether you are in transportation or manufacturing, hospitality or healthcare, supply chain or car rentals, vehicle tracking systems can add another level of intelligence to your business which in turn provides opportunities to improve operational effectiveness as well as reducing costs.

Even, these devices have become so advanced that you can also lock the doors, set off the horn, switch off the engine and a lot more in case of auto theft. Vehicle tracking devices have made fleet management more advanced and free from timesheet errors. Now, it is extremely simple to keep eye on vehicles from the comfort of your home. Put in simple words, in case of vehicle theft, an email, telephone call or message is sent to you so that you can inform police or do something else.

GPS technology that helps in receiving signals from the satellites orbiting the earth has really made it extremely simple to keep eyes on moving vehicles as well as other valuable assets from the comfort of your home. Vehicle tracking devices also work as a transmitters by sending and receiving information about the vehicle through GPS devices to a servers (Computer network server).

In the further processing, the server where the signals are received, sends the details of speed, total halts, vehicle mileage, location, etc., to you via email, SMS or other modes of communication. For better and improved fleet operations, logistic services and making a good working environment in organizations, these unique and innovative tracking devices are playing a major role. Yes, you can also keep eye on your employees easily with the help of these devices.

Put in simple words, use of such tracking devices also reduce time sheet errors and a number of other problems. Needless to say, vehicle tracking devices have become the vital mode of tracking and its result can also be seen in the market. No doubt, it has become a vital for better fleet management that was earlier a very difficult task. Now, you can also place your order online for vehicle tracking devices. Online stores offer attractive discounts when you get such navigation devices online.

10.The global phenomenon of economic reforms has made the world a happening place, thus integration of technologies infused a way for automation of business processes. GPS vehicle tracking therefore conceives a milestone when it comes to protect the mobile assets in the running development pace.

Making fleet management more efficient and innovative by using Global Positioning Systems, GPS vehicle tracking devices have completely changed the concept of vehicle tracking. Now, fleet operators and transporters can make their business more advanced by providing state of the art services to their customers. GPS vehicle tracking devices have changed the concept of fleet management.

Use of this cutting edge technology has really made it a matter of few clicks to track the exact location of the moving vehicles. It is nothing but a satellite based navigation system that endow you with the updated and precise information of the moving vehicles. Interesting fact about GPS vehicle tracking systems is that their use is not just limited to track the vehicles, but it has expanded to a great level.

Put simply, you can also get them installed in other valuable assets to keep eyes on them. With the help of such tracking and navigation devices, you can easily collect the information of total halts, speed of the moving vehicles, mileage and even driver's behaviour.

Today, not only in Canada, but in all parts of the USA as well as other countries, it has become a common phenomenon to use vehicle tracking devices for better results with improved productivity. In order to reap the benefits of this cutting edge technology, all you require is a computer/laptop, internet connection and a software.

And you can easily track the location of vehicles from the comfort of your home. Interesting fact about these tracking and  navigation devices is that you can also get details on you mobile phone. There are also a number of added benefits of usingGPS vehicle tracking devices.

By getting them installed in fleet of vehicles, you can increase productivity as well as management control. Apart from this, you can provide better customer services to your customers and reduce the vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.

By adopting Vehicle Tracking systems, then for a typical business that makes regular use of its vehicles by their employees for official purposes, it is possible to leverage several opportunities to increase the efficiency and productivity of the organisation as well as the accountability of that company's employees.

By implementing vehicle tracking technology you can have increased productivity, improved customer service, reduced operational costs, and enhanced security for both vehicle and driver.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use GPS vehicle tracking technology for your business and how it can influence your business in a positive way:

1. A vehicle tracking device can increase the productivity of your employees naturally. How? Clearly, if they are aware that their working patterns are being logged and any unauthorised breaks or stops could be easily identified, then they are naturally going to think twice before taking advantage of their remote situation. On the other hand, managers can also identify and reward the positive behaviour of the employees. This would encourage some beneficial and constructive behaviour amongst the employees.

2. A vehicle tracking system can also be actively used for resolving those customer disputes, which are related to arrival time, service location and service duration. Your employees will almost certainly welcome this level of additional and detailed support.

3. With the aid of a vehicle tracking capability, you are able to monitor the precise and up to date position of any vehicle. With this, a remote worker that may be lost in their journey can be given immediate assistance and directions. This would help the employee to stay on schedule and consequently would not need to speed up or work over time to make up for the lost time.

4. Another key area for improvement is verification of the correctness of time sheets. With the adoption of a GPS based vehicle tracking system, you have the capability to compare a system-produced stop-start report to the employee's submitted time sheets and mileage claims. You may want to determine the average margin of error and then compare the figure to the time sheets from before you installed the GPS vehicle tracking system. The overall financial benefit has often been shown to reach annual savings of several hundred pounds, per employee.

5. You can use the fact that your company utilises the latest fleet tracking technology as a competitive advantage. These days, it is less acceptable to tell the customer that you are available some time between 8am and 5pm. They prefer better-informed and more exact call times. When everything else is equal between two or more businesses, use of GPS vehicle tracking can prove to be a distinct sales advantage.

So whether you are looking to improve your operational efficiency, for example through improved staff productivity, or more accurate timesheets, or deliver better customer service through being able to keep customers informed of changes to schedules, then any time spent looking at vehicle tracking system would be time well invested in the future of your business.

11.With the industrialization hovering all over the globe, the demand of effective and hassle-free transporting services have increased to great level. Now, timely delivery and customer satisfaction are the primary concern of transport companies. But, the problems start rising when drivers start taking advantage of issues like traffic jam, vehicle problems for their own benefit. They start taking advantages when they go outside a specific area.

It is not an issue of transport companies, but fleet operators, courier companies and even single vehicle owners have the same problem. They all are looking for a system to keep eyes on moving vehicles without knowledge of theirdrivers. Vehicle tracking devices within and outside the UK are now available to take vehicles, drivers and even any other valuable asset under tracking.

Vehicle tracking devices in the UK are global positioning systems or GPS enabled devices that receive signals or radiowebs from the satellite orbit the Earth. With the help of these signals or radiowebs, these devices can provide you the exact location of the moving vehicles or anything else in which they are fixed.

There are a number of benefits of vehicle tracking devices. They not only make the fleet management better, but also make a better fuel management. Apart from this, you can easily get real time information of the vehicles' speed, total halts, route anddrivers' behaviour as well. In addition to these benefits, vehicle tracking systems in the UK also reduce the chances of auto theft as in case of theft, you can easily track the vehicle and inform police about this.

Businessmen also prefer to install these devices in their organisations to monitor the hours of work and to avoid time sheet errors as well. Now, these devices have so become the vital part of the vehicle that auto giants are also installing them in new vehicles before launching them in the market. Vehicle tracking systems in the UK are also beneficial in avoiding traffic jams and to find the short cut ways to reach your targeted destination soon.

No doubt, these tracking devices have completely changed the concept of fleet management by making everything easy and a matter of few clicks only.

ncreasing number of vehicle theft, misuse of vehicles often done by drivers, etc., are some of the major problems that always stick in the mind of fleet operators and transporters. How to control misuse, prevent vehicle theft and above all make the fleet management more efficient are some of the major questions that need to be resolved. Now, GPS enabled vehicle tracking devices are the apt solution for all these questions.

Vehicle tracking installed vans or other vehicles can easily be monitored from the comfort of home via mobile phone, computer or laptop. And now, it has become a hot favourite thing among fleet operators,transporters and even single vehicle owners to have these devices in their vehicles. In addition to vehicle security, these devices are also used globally for a number of reasons including transporting goods and other things within the appointed time.

You can easily find the speed, halts, mileage, and many other things of a GPS tracking installed vehicle. Working process of these innovative tracking devices is also extremely simple as they work according to signals received from satellites orbiting the earth. What need to get information is a GPS system, internet connection and digital mapping software as well. Interesting fact about the vehicle tracking systems is that they also save your time by showing you the short cut ways where there is no traffic jams.

These unique and innovative devices are installed in a vehicle so carefully, no one would know that the vehicle is under tracking; therefore, in case of theft, you can easily find your valuable vehicle. These systems also keep the data of driving hours and fuel usage as well. With such record, you can easily make the vehicle management more efficient. In order to make the fuel management better, these devices are the right solution.

For large organisations, fleets of vehicles, vehicle rental companies, courier companies and trucking companies, having these devices are vital for better management. Now, people also prefer to use them for the protection of their valuable asset. Apart from this, parents also prefer to keep watching their children's activities with the help of GPS tracking devices.


12.A lot of fleet bosses find that running a set of company vehicles is constantly more expensive than it should be. That's because they are usually in control of a fleet of vehicles that they can't keep tabs on all the time: the vans and trucks spend most of their working life out on the road, where the way they are handled and the routes they take have direct and often costly effects on overall company spending. That could, and should change – it's a simple matter of installing a GPS vehicle tracking system and watching the bottom line margins start to take a rapid turn for the better.

Let's be honest here. A great deal of the money that gets lost down on those base line figures in the trucking and transport industry comes as a result of employees driving a few personal miles here, a few personal miles there. That doesn't just translate as petrol or diesel costs, but as wear and tear on the vehicles themselves. Wear and tear becomes maintenance and fixing, which becomes garage bills and a shortened life for the vehicle – which, then, on top of all that cost already incurred, becomes having to buy a whole new truck. GPS vehicle tracking knocks all of that on the head with immediate effect. Indeed, once you have installed a GPS tracking system in your fleet vehicles, and made sure everyone knows about it, what it can do and so on – within one week, you will notice a turn for the better. Absolutely. And here's why.

People aren't inherently dishonest, at least not to the point of brazenly stealing from the people they work for. The reason fleet employees tend to use theirfleet vehicles for the odd personal errand is because there is, or was, no system in place to remind them that they shouldn't be doing it. It is not uncommon, for example, for an employee to use a fleet vehicle to run personal errands: errands with very low mileage indeed as a single instance, but which pile up over time until the vehicle in question is costing money that its fleet owner should not be spending. Install a GPS vehicle tracking system and this problem vanishes instantly. Drivers know they are being monitored and so the temptation to run a few extra miles here and there just disappears.

GPS can be used to relay all sorts of vehicle data to a central point. Idling time, speed, location, fuel level – basically anything that can be measured, can be sent. That means total control over all the cost generating parts of a moving fleet. And that means margins that suddenly start to look a whole lot healthier.

The cost of installing a GPS vehicle tracking system, even one that can relay all sorts of supplemental information, is not great. It's certainly nowhere near as great as continuing to haemorrhage bottom line figures as a result of a sloppily watched fleet. All over the United Kingdom, companies that run vehicles have realised that GPS is a lot more than just a fancy map. It can save enormous percentages in costs – and stream line company processes to the point of maximum efficiency. It's the future – now.

Companies getting operated in the field of transportation and logistic employ vehicle tracking devices to monitor their vehicles running on the roads, and thus they attain optimum productivity and punctuality. Such a device is very useful to produce information concerning speed, location, routes and the total time spent by the vehicle. In fact, businessmen or managers prefer the device as it also helpful to recover stolen vehicles without any hassle. Police takes the help of the device to locate stolen vehicles. Individuals buy such a device according to their requirements. The vehicle tracking system has been introduced by shipping industry to locate the position of a ship.

Vehicles tracking devices ensure safety

A vehicle tracking device works to send information about a vehicle in which the device has been installed. To receive information about a vehicle through GPS devices, managers' PC does not require to install any software. Apart from monitoring a vehicle, the device helps the drivers to get a better route. Moreover, a vehicle tracking device is very beneficial and vital as it is  helpful to:

Enhance effective scheduling, resulting in diminished vehicle standing time
Facilitate fleet efficiency and productivity
Enhance vehicle utilization and reduce insurance and fuel costs
Reduce time in delivery process and improve supply chain management
Compel the driver to drive carefully

Importance of GPS Technology

All the vehicle tracking devices are made by employing GPS technology. If GPS or Global Positioning System technology installed in a vehicle, then the owner of the vehicle can locate it when and where they want. With the presence of GPS technology, individuals can track a stolen vehicle. The technology is also very helpful to educatedrivers about suitable routes.

If you are running a business you are probably very familiar with the concept of ROI or Return on Investment. ROI is about investing money and expecting a reasonable rate of return.

If you are a car dealer or vehicle loan company, your investments or underlying assets are your vehicles and cars. The return is embedded in the payments you collect from your customers. Why not protect to yourinvestment and your return with a GPS vehicle tracking device?

GPS vehicle tracking systems are designed to protect your assets and protect your return. With a GPS vehicle tracking system, not only can you monitor where your assets are at all times, but you can also send delinquency payment warnings or even prevent the vehicle from starting to make sure payments keep on coming.

Once connected to a GPS vehicle tracking system, car dealers and car loan companies can now consider selling to low credit rating customers knowing they have full control of their underlying assets and knowing they can exercise more pressure to collect payments.

GPS vehicle tracking devices are easy to install and don't require sophisticated software to start tracking. Furthermore, if you want to move the device and track another vehicle, this isn't a problem. The devices are easy to uninstall and switching the vehicle in the GPS vehicle tracking web application is a snap. Warning! Don't try to tamper with the devices: they are equipped with tamper proof sensors which are designed to send flags and can even prevent the vehicle from starting.